EXHIBITION: 20th Century

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1-5 players / 40 minutes / ages 10-100

Included in the game box (not in above content picture) are:
-- 10 SECRET DECADE cards. When each player gets such a (secret) card at the game start, each year from this decade in your exhibition brings an extra point at the end of the game.
-- The special 'Einstein' card, without a year or continent. So there are 101 century cards instead of 100. This "joker" card has advantages, but disadvantages too.

Goal of the game: Each player tries to make the best exhibition about the 20th Century.

101 20th century objects (each object is at 1 of 101 cards, 1 card for each year (1900-1999) and the 'Einstein' card) are available to place in your exhibition.
Objects varying from the first Oscar award statue (1929) to Rubik's Cube (sold worldwide since 1980), the first bikini (1946) or flight recorder (1956), Euro coins (1999) or the last Tasmanian Tiger (1936), etc. etc.
Each object belongs to 1 region:
19x North America
18x Europe
17x Asia
16x Africa
15x South America
14x Oceania
2x world ('1945' and 'Einstein') which are kind of "Joker" cards, but have positive and negative effects with placing, scoring and moving your vehicle.

The available objects for your exhibition are placed in the center of the table in 6 groups of 3, each group placed at 1 of the 6 continents (colors).

In your turn you take 1 of the 3 object cards at the continent where your zeppelin stands.
You move your zeppelin to the continent equal to the continent of the card you took.
You place a new random card from the stock to refill the open spot.
Then you place the object in 1 of the 5 showcases in your exhibition hall (or in your depot).

Each player tries to place the objects in their own showcases in accordance to general (ascending years and different continents) and showcase-specific requirements.

The game ends if no player will fit a card in their exhibition anymore.

For the victory points players try to fulfill goals the best, during the game and for the endscore. Some goals are individual, for other goals the players compete.

*Exhibition: 20th Century* at BoardGameGeek

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